28 December 2018

Creating an SVG Data Visualization

Learn how to create SVG data in this article by Rob Larsen, an experienced frontend engineer, team lead, and manager. He is an active writer and a speaker on web technology with a special focus on the continuing evolution of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This article focuses on a basic data visualization using SVG and JavaScript—an illustration, the […]

22 December 2018

Scanning With Burp Scanner

Learn about scanning with Burp Scanner in this article by Sunny Wear, CISSP, GWAPT, GSSP-JAVA, GSSP-.NET, CSSLP, CEH, and an information security architect, web app penetration tester and developer. Her experience includes network, data, application and security architecture as well as programming across multiple languages and platforms Burp Scanner is a tool that automates the search for […]

22 December 2018

Understanding Organizational Structures for CompTIA Project+ Certification

Learn about the different organizational structures in this guest post by J. Ashley Hunt, a senior project management instructor at StormWind Studios for Waterfall and Agile project management Much of your day-to-day lives running projects will be significantly impacted by your organizational processes and the culture of your organization. That could be based on your industry, what […]

19 December 2018

Puppet Discovery

Learn Puppet Discovery in this article by Ryan Russell-Yates, a technical consultant in the space of automation, DevOps and Infrastructure Architecture, and Jason Southgate, known for creating an IaaS/PaaS cloud for KPN and a certified Puppet expert with AWS and Azure certification. Puppet Discovery is a new product by Puppet. Puppet Discovery is a standalone […]

12 December 2018

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  • Category: Network

How to Perform Host Discovery

Learn how to perform host discovery in this article by Sairam Jetty, the author of Network Scanning Cookbook. One of the basic techniques of identifying a running host is by sending an ICMP ping packet and analyzing the response to draw a conclusion. What if the host or the network is blocking ICMP packets at the network […]