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7 December 2018

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  • Category: Azure

Dockerizing Your Web Application in Azure

Learn how to Dockerize your web application in Azure in this article by Melony QIN, Woman in STEM, a former Microsoft senior cloud computing technology evangelist. She currently works as a cloud solution architect, as well as an Azure e-learning instructor and blog author on AWS / Microsoft Azure. Dockerizing Your Web Application in Azure […]

4 December 2018

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  • Category: Kubeless

Adding DevOps Flavor to Kubeless

Learn about Kubeless in this article by Shashikant Bangera, a DevOps architect with 18 years of IT experience and a contributor to the open source arena with an environment booking tool, available on GitHub. This article will show you how to set up the Kubeless framework over the minikube, how to create, deploy, and invoke […]

12 November 2018

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  • Category: Jenkins

Deploying Configurations as Code

With software development, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of progress and looking for new ways to make the entire process automated, efficient, and risk-free. While building applications, you have to manually build and manage everything right from the source code to repository to development to artifacts! There is so much scope for error and […]

31 October 2018

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  • Category: Jenkins

Empowering Automation with Jenkins

Why Jenkins? Software enterprises are constantly innovating development strategies to keep up with the growing demands of technology. They are on the lookout for solutions to increase the stability, quality, and profits. With DevOps and its Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery principles, companies have witnessed exponential business and technological growth. Software enterprises that implement the […]

30 October 2018

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  • Category: Ansible

Configuring Ansible Playbooks

What is an Ansible Playbook? Let’s learn about this brilliant yet easy feature of Ansible. Ansible Playbooks are an innovative method to run complex commands on multiple virtual nodes. Entire environments can be configured and managed using Playbooks. Playbooks are written in the easy-to-use YAML format. A Playbook in Ansible is a set of plays that […]